Here I am, as free as it’s possible for anyone to be – free to travel, work, fall in love – and I’m holding back, like I’m waiting for my life to start. This is my life. It’s not a preparation for anything – it’s the thing itself. I have got to remember that.

- Jordan Mechner, Prince of Persia

August 28, 2009

Conficker Confuzzled?

From Wired

My favorite part:
Experts, the Times reports, fear that Conficker might be in lurk mode because it’s the work of “an intelligence agency or the military of some country to monitor or disable an enemy’s computers.” It’s worth noting that the malware targets out-of-date, unpatched Windows machines, and at last count only about 2 percent of infections were in the U.S. So we’re looking for an intelligence agency with a grudge against China, Brazil, Russia and your parents.

August 21, 2009

Because nobody told me I couldn't.

- David Gerrold, writer, on how he found success so young.

August 12, 2009

If the rest of us oohed and aahed and said, "Gosh, a wheel, no one's
ever thought of that before," just to make that person feel good,
nothing would ever get done.

-- Neal Stephenson, Anathem

July 13, 2009

Oh noes!!!!

Attack of the Evil Baby-Killing Incubator-Hackers!!!

Seriously, there should be some sort of investigation to ensure that all members of Congress have graduated the 8th Grade. 

Hey, politicians (and media, for that matter), can we stop with the Fear Theater, please? Or at least come up with some remotely plausible bullshit. It's embarrassing now. 

April 09, 2009

Enjoy it. Don't worry. Enjoy it. And at the start of your career, you don't have much money, and you don't have any work, but you have an awful lot of time. Use it. Because if you're successful, you will have lots of everything except time.

-- Neil Gaiman's advice to Young Neil Gaiman